Echo Bark Inc. is a Premium Supply, Accessory, and Feed store for dogs, cats, and their human guardians. Our central focus is on organic, natural, and holistic products, with the utmost regard placed on customer service, and serving the communities of Silverlake, Echo Park, Los Feliz and beyond. We are an eco-friendly company that sources on a local and national level.


Happy Howl-O-Ween from all of us at Echo Bark Inc.
We SO Appreciate all of our AMAZING customers.
PLEASE keep those pups + kitts inside and safe tonight.

*Artwork by the brilliant Tina Wubben & Cyrani Ackerman.
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Jf here. Ever look at pics of yourself as a baby and try to remember what possibly was going on in your young head, as a newer person on this planet? Hell, at 5 years old I had seen more than most of my peers...and yet, in those young eyes there was still such an innocence AND an absolute NEED to be around animals.
Flash forward - and no shift there. Still.
The Life Lessons I have learned from my dogs, cats, horses, and others, over the years between birth and right now - have SO INFORMED who I am. Trained my heart. Defined it. If you are glad that I - and Rescuers like myself - spend every single day of our life in pursuit of Saving Lives: Then please THANK Teddy, Peppy, Barney, Mai Tai, Bandit, Brandy, Cricket, Chick, Ginger, Dinah, Sarkie, Bobby, and Buck, and so many other sentient energies that served as my Teachers & Protectors as I grew up.

In a few days I will push forward with a RACE to save MORE Lives. Humbled + Honored to have been part of thousands of Rescues, Rehabs, and Adoptions on this journey. Thousands that were clinging to HOPE and were Heard, Seen, Lifted, LOVED, and set on a purposeful forward path.
We all do what we can in this life. Some days I see that little kid staring back at me asking me how he can do MORE - sometime I see that kid with the weight of the world perched on his shoulder. And in those moments - I push FORWARD for THEM.
Literally anything you are able to share toward my RACE would be Amazing & Oh-So-Appreciated.
SO MUCH SAVING + EDUCATION in this giant city still needs to get done.
So I start locally for the mistreated, the forgotten, the abandoned - while I work globally - Together with you - toward a Better and Kinder World.
Big Thanks to You.
It's an HONOR to serve this CommUNITY with Echo Bark Inc. & The REAL Bark...and now I am asking for its Help to do more for the Dogs + Cats of Los Angeles.
Being part of that Life-Saving happens HERE:

Stay Well. Stay Strong. Stay Kind.
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A LOT of you out there have BIG Holiday Weekend Plans.
Sgt. E.O. Peeps had some plans of his own.
Take a GREAT One, Y'all.
#SomeoneThinksHesFunny #EchoBarkInc. #theREALbark #LaborDay #PeepsPoops
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This is Theresa.
She is a SAINT.
Theresa befriended a homeless person that had this pup. The woman said she 'loved the pup.' Sadly the woman was unable to care for herself, let alone another life, and she would wind up tying this dog to a fence and going off sometimes for a couple days. Theresa would retrieve this pup and take him to her home and host him for days, until she saw the woman return. Since the lady was happy to have her 'friend' back, Theresa would leave him with supplies, and a fully belly, and would check on him daily. This went on. It happened more and more often. Theresa then took a larger role in his care. He was afraid of men and Theresa felt sure that he was being abused on the streets. Theresa came to the store in search of shots for this pup. Theresa does not have the extra money for shots, but she has the extra love to offer. So we told her that Echo Bark Inc. would pay for shots. The woman on the streets called this handsome pup "Dog," which Theresa and her children changed to Budrick.
Theresa and Budrick came by yesterday. Look at how happy he is when he is with her. Theresa said when returning him back to his 'owner,' the woman did not even recognize her or the pup. And wanted nothing to do with either of them.
And that was it for Theresa.
She spoke to the woman's doctor, who said she absolutely should not be caring for another living creature, and that is the moment that Budrick found a HOME. Safety with Theresa and her family. We helped them with food, and a quick trip to the groomer, and we will save donations from our AMAZING customers and we will get Budrick neutered and microchipped.

As we walked to the groomer, Theresa began crying. She said "You are all so nice. Why are you being so nice? People don't help like this."
I reminded her of three things:
-We are able to - so we can.
-She is helping just as much by adopting this boy from the streets.
-And that we ALL need help some time or another is our lives.

She wiped her tears, smiled, and we got Burdock's nails handled.

We wish the woman who Budrick stayed with some instant good fortune, healing, and hope for a better future. There are many people without homes that LOVE and care well for their Companion animals. There is a Core and Solid bond with many in such circumstances. Unfortunately this person could not, and we so appreciate Theresa stepping up, and advocating for this kid.
Family Happens. CommUNITY Supports.

Have a Great Day, y'all. #EchoBarkInc
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Yo EastSiders: This is some GOOD Fun. Food. Drink. Music. Vendors. You. Your companion dogs. Or kids. All out under a July Sky. Tonight 6-11. #KeepItOdd See You There. ... See MoreSee Less

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