6" Jumbo Bully Stick Odor-Free
Ingredients:100% bull pizzle, sourced from free-ranging, grassfed South American cattle
6.95 USD Excl. tax
Venison Jerky 4oz
Ingredients: venison, vegetable glycerin, sea salt, mixed tocopherols. This venison jerky is USA sourced and manufactured.

Good for...: This is a limited ingredient treat, so it's perfect for picky dogs or individuals with dietary sensitivities. Veniso
14.00 USD Excl. tax
12" Braided Bully Stick  Odor-Free
Ingredients: 100% bull pizzle, sourced from free-range South American cattle
15.00 USD Excl. tax
Chicken Jerky 3oz
Ingredients: 100% chicken, USA sourced and manufactured. There are no additives, preservatives, fillers, or chemicals used in the manufacturing process - this is an all natural treat!
11.95 USD Excl. tax
6" Gullet Sticks Pack
Dogs go crazy for this extremely palatable treat! Gullet sticks have a much softer texture compared to bully sticks, so it's more of a tasty snack for large dogs, and it can be a moderately long lasting chew for small dogs and young puppies. It's perfect
12.95 USD Excl. tax
TNDC Tremenda Twist
Made of many thin strips of beef intestine that has been twisted into a crunchy stick shape. These chews have a very palatable flavor that dogs go crazy for! They are a softer odorless treat, it is not meant to be long-lasting. Due to its texture and nutr
3.00 USD Excl. tax